22 July 2013

Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishnaa

According to Srimad Bhagavata written by Veda Vyasa and undoubtedly interpolated by our beloved Brahmins, Sri Krishna was 125 years old when he repeated The Bhagavad Gita lecture to a guy called Uddhava. That's why it is called Uddhava Gita. Sri Krishna died shortly {probably a few months} after this lecture. If he was 125 years when he died and if he died 36 years after The Kurukshetra War as it is generally assumed then He would be 89 years old at the time of war. Is the date of Sri Krishna's birth that I suggested in my older posts wrong?

Now, I should say Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishnaa. No. I am not chanting His name nor am I calling Him to solve this problem. Why do we need the Lord God to solve this problem when a person like me who is no better than a blade of grass can pull it off? That a blade of grass can be turned into the mighty Earth melting Brahmastra is a different matter altogether. He He He.

Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishnaa

There is a Krishna then there is a Krishna then there is a Krishna and then there is a Krishnaa. There are at least 4 persons with the name or epithet of Krishna. The fourth Krishna is not obsessed with numerology to add an unnecessary 'a' after Krishna like some of our celebrities and politicians.

The Sanskrit word Krishna simply means "Dark" or "Black". So, in chronological order, the four Krishnas were

Krishna - Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa more famously known as Veda Vyasa
Krishna - Sri Krishna
Krishna - Arjuna {Arjuna is supposed to be born a few hours after Sri Krishna} and
Krishnaa - Draupadi

That's why some people refer to Sri Krishna and Arjuna in The Kurukshetra War as "Two Krishnas in one Ratha." The Sanskrit word Ratha means Chariot. I did not learn Sanskrit nor am I willing to. Why should I? Read the Brahminical interpolations first hand? I will not.

If we give the information in the Srimad Bhagavata the benefit of doubt instead of summarily kicking it into the dustbin; then who is the Krishna who was 125 years old? It is Veda Vyasa. If what we are reading in The Mahabharata is true, Veda Vyasa is born decades before Bhishma and died probably a year or two after Sri Krihna's death.

The known and gathered information about Veda Vyasa's birth is that he was born on the full moon day of the month of Aashada. He was born on an island. That's why he was called "Krishna Dwaipayana". The dark one who was born on an island. Dwipa means Island. I think the island referred to here is none other than Dwaraka. The kingdom of Sri Krishna which sunk into sea.

Based on these details the date I suggest for Veda Vyasa's birth is

Date Of Birth : 7 Jun -825 {Julian}
Time Of Birth : 03:53:38 {Military Time} 4:35 East Of GMT
Place Of Birth : Dwaraka 68 E 58' 00" 22 N 14' 00"

I don't know Vedic Astrology. I will not learn astrology without first solving ayanamsha and first point of Aries headache. I hope to solve it before I kick the bucket. I solved the time of birth of Veda Vyasa very simply. Around the time I suggested Pournimasya is at 100%. He He He. I used Jagannatha Hora v.

Though I did not learn astrology there is a brilliant technique in vedic astrology called Rectification of Birth Time in which the astrologers ascertain the time of birth basing on the incidents that took place in a person's life.

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