21 August 2013

Not The Date Of Creation Of The World

For convenience, let's assume that The Sun rises exactly at 6 AM and at 12 PM it is right above our heads and sets at exactly 6 PM and exactly at 12 AM it is midnight. If I ask you, "It is 12 AM now. So, when was it mid-day?" The answer is arrived at by subtracting 12 hours and you say, "At 12 PM." Suppose I ask you,"At what time did The Sun set?" You will subtract 6 Hours and say,"At 6 PM". It's not just simple it is annoyingly simple. If we equate the 24000 years that The Sun takes to revolve around The Dual to the 24 Hours of a day then the year AD 499 in which The Ascending Kali Yuga started is "Midnight" or 12 AM. Now, I ask when was it 12 PM or when was "The Dual" right above our heads? The answer is 499-12000 = -11501 or 11502 BC.

Now, I ask,"When did "The Dual" set? You will get the answer by subtracting 499-6000=-5501 or 5502 BC.

Some cultures talk of the date of creation of the world and also place it around 5502 BC {A few years plus or minus.} From what I found, well, it is the date when the Dual set. It is not The Date Of Creation Of The World.

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