14 November 2016

Modus Operandi Of The Police

I do not say I understood the strategy of the police completely; but I certainly could figure out much of it. It is very effective because it is extremely simple. At this point I want to make it very clear that I do not want to repeat myself. If you have not already read it please read the post "Straight From The Horse's Mouth" to know the principal names of the people involved.

The Modus Operandi :-

First, Tallavajjhala Sashi Sekhar will meet his police friends and get a SIM Card of a person who is caught in anti-social activity. The person might be a whore or a pimp. Then he will give it to a daughter of IY Naidu. When my mother calls that particular daughter's landline or cellphone number; that woman only has to say that she now has a new cellphone number and give the number Tallavajjhala Sashi Sekhar had given her. From then on, she will receive the calls only if my mother calls that particular number and not the landline or the previous cellphone number. As my mother would be blissfully unaware of the plan, she would speak to her. The topics might be something like the daily serials in the local language or in Hindi or some topic equally nonsensical. You should not forget that the police are also listening to the conversation, as they are tapping the phones and probably even recording the conversations. After ten or fifteen such calls; the police will officially take a call list or call log for the phone numbers we are using from the landline or cellphone service provider -BSNL in this case. Then Tallavajjhala Sashi Sekhar along with a constable or one from slightly higher rank and will take a copy of the call log to friends of my mother or my friends and show it to them and say that we are in contact with an Anti-Social Element and that they found out what we were doing in their "investigations". If the friend says he does not trust the printout, he will be taken to BSNL Office to see the "proof" for himself. The records will clearly show calls from our numbers to The Anti-Social Element. For all practical purposes Tallavajjhala Sashi Sekhar is not even lying! Tallavajjhala Sashi Sekhar or the police will not mention they have the recordings and they will not play the recordings -as they are not even supposed to have them. Then Tallavajjhala Sashi Sekhar will sing a song extempore in Sanskrit competing with his forefather Narayana Theertha on how ashamed he is to have relatives like us. Needless to say, the friends will start shitting in their clothes. Obviously, the friends will try to avoid us. Now, the friend or friends will be requested to co-operate. How? They will be given SIM Cards! The same cycle again this time with new numbers adding to the earlier number. After a few months some of the friends and relatives completely stop speaking to us or they will not be using their SIM Cards at all. So technically they have all stopped speaking to us "years earlier" and they never heard from us!

The police were given very good equipment to control both Landline Phones and Cellular Phones mainly to monitor terrorists. They are misusing the equipment. From what I could observe they can intercept and stop calls and SMSes and release {if I can use the word "release"} them at their whim and fancy. The calls and SMSes will have the original "dialled on" or "sent on" dates.

For example; I got a call from 1409980119 to my cellphone on 20-Sep-2016 around 12:18 PM. I knew it was a new number. But the call history showed three earlier calls!!

21-Jun-2015 05:41 PM
17-Sep-2015 12:19 PM
24-May-2016 09:20 PM

The calls of 21-Jun-2015; 17-Sep-2015; 24-May-2016 were not logged by my cellphone till 20-Sep-2016!! I AM DAMN SURE, I DID NOT MISS THEM. The numbers were not logged till 20-Sep-2016.

With this capability; the police themselves might call using the SIM Cards and cellphones confiscated from anti-social elements or from criminals arrested earlier and then stop the call before it reaches the target Cellular Phone and then "release" them at a later date. It is probably even more convenient with SMSes.

Though I started suspecting Tallavajjhala Sashi Sekhar from 4-Nov-2013; I did not figure out what he was actually trying to do till 9-Feb-2015. It was only on 9-Feb-2015 that I realized that Tallavajjhala Sashi Sekhar and his police friends were trying to accuse me of being a pimp and my mother a whore.

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