15 December 2015

The Police Are Onto Me

The Police Are Onto Me. I have no time. First things first. SAVE AND SHARE. Save both these web pages. If you do not know how to save the web pages ask someone who does. Links Below.
You will have all my posts on the same page. So, click on the links, and save the pages and then share. Why do you think I did not put a copyright? So that you can happily save and share. And yes, the police are after me. In fact I expected them to catch my arse within 24 Hours of posting "Ashwatthaman Ended The Trojan War" on 10 Sept. 2009. Finally, they are coming. But, they planned something nasty. Though it is definitely because of the blog, they are trying to do it without touching the blogs. What they planned is very nasty and I am putting it extremely bluntly. They are trying to make a whore of my mother and me a pimp and my home- the place where I am studying Sri Yukteswar Giri's Yuga Theory-a whorehouse. I repeat, They are trying to make a whore of my mother and me a pimp and my home a whorehouse. Yes, it's that bad. Then they will blackmail me -after beating the shit out of me- into removing my posts. May be they will even force me to post an article telling why my calculations are wrong and then an unconditional apology to all Brahmins. Infact, they tried to get me on 04 Nov. 2013. The most recent attempt was made on 14 Dec. 2015. The police are closing in on me. They are coming up with new strategies. I do not think I can defend any longer. Each time the police are failing their embarrassment is increasing and they are doing something even more desperate. So Dear Readers, SAVE the entire webpages and then SHARE. If the blogs disappear take it for granted the police got me not for what I did, but in the way they want. Obviously, there is a high ranking Police Officer either a Brahmin or a close friend of a Brahmin who wants to get me.

In case you guys are wondering why the police cannot get me and the blogs directly, the answer is simple. Try stopping something like my blog. The very attempt will make it grow so fast you can compare it with an explosion of a thermonuclear weapon of mass destruction. If you are wondering what's so big a deal about castes in Hinduism, I suggest watch the movies Rakta Charitra-I and Rakta Charitra-II. It was made in three languages Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. You do not have to know any of these languages it was actually made in the language of blood. You will understand just watch the movies. The movies were directed by Ram Gopal Varma. Do not forget what you see in those movies is not an exaggeration they are actually thoroughly, thoroughly toned down version of reality. Slight alterations were made in these movies for being politically correct.

I am a law graduate but I did not enrol as a lawyer and I do not want to. As you all can see, I render justice in my way and it is not exactly constitutional. My mother -a divorcee- is a retired Assistant Professor {Lecturer} of English Literature at a very very reputed University. We are not rich but we are leading a simple and comfortable life. We do not own a house. My problem gets even worse because of this.

I really hope The Maharatha Ashwatthaman comes to my defence and kill all these scoundrels. Not just the scoundrels but their entire lineages, everyone bearing the surname of the scoundrels who are involved. Man, Woman, Child and yes, Foetus. Even the thought of Ashwatthaman coming for me is so relieving and consoling.


A message to the police.

Motherfuckers, You want to get me for the blogs? Get me for the blogs.


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