19 October 2016

Straight From The Horse's Mouth

First I should thank Google for not deleting my blog or the posts in it or The Andhra State Police would have blown my brains off the very next second. So,
Thank You Google.

Blogger Name : Ashwatthaman Philoctetes

My Real Name : Putcha Raj Sekhar
Name Of Father : PSRL Narasinga Rao
Name Of Mother : P Jayasree Rao

Nationality : Indian
Mother Tongue : Telugu

Caste: Brahmin
My Father is a Brahmin. My mother is a Non-Brahmin. Putcha is my Father's Surname. Want my Gotra? It is Gautama Sagotra.

Horoscope Details:

Name : Putcha Raj Sekhar
Date Of Birth : 05 Nov. 1979
Time Of Birth : 07:45:00 PM {19:45:00} Indian Standard Time
Place Of Birth :
Guntur {83 E 18'00"; 17 N 42'00"}
Guntur General Hospital
Andhra Pradesh

Aadhaar Card Number : 5525 3427 2670
Aadhaar Card Number should NOT be given away like that. But who cares, the police I am sure, are having a field day with it anyway.

We are not residing at the address given in the Aadhaar Cards. We shifted on 3-Jun-2013 to the house bearing the following address:

Putcha Raj Sekhar
Sector - 7
Pincode - 530 007
Andhra Pradesh

I am now giving my landline telephone number DO NOT try to call me or send SMSes. I am now sure my phones {Landline and Cellphones} were being tapped since the second half of 2010. I am giving the details here so that you can verify it in the BSNL Online Telephone Directory.

BSNL Landline Phone Number : 0891-2759475
0891 is the STD Code.
2759475 is the Actual Phone Number

Cellular Phone Service Provider : BSNL

What really worsened my problem was, the cellphone numbers {BSNL Prepaid SIM Cards} I used earlier. They were registered to an acquaintance of mine. His name is Vijay Das. He was a close friend of my friend. I cannot contact them without alerting the police or they themselves might alert the police. May be the police threatened my friends that their arses will be thrown in prison. I am really sorry that Vijay Das' helping nature should bring him into this hell. I could not even tell him to give a letter in BSNL Office requesting termination. One employee of BSNL suggested that I should just stop using the numbers. How am I supposed to explain my plight to him? As it is a prepaid card, the numbers were kept active by occasionally topping them up!! May be the police themselves were topping it up.

BSNL Prepaid Numbers are

The BSNL Prepaid Number My Mother Used

+91 9441375990
The number is registered to Vijay Das.
Number activated on 22 or 23 -Mar-2008
The last time I personally topped up the phone was on 21-Nov-2014 around 14:45 for Rs. 50/-.

Nokia 2630 Black
IMEI : 359822014435329
Phone purchased on 21-Mar-2008

The BSNL Prepaid Number I Used

+91 9441376108
The number is registered to Vijay Das.
Number activated on 22 or 23 -Mar-2008
The last time I personally topped up the phone was on 12-Mar-2015 around 14:30 for Rs. 50/-.

Nokia 2626 Black
IMEI : 358996016170968
Phone purchased on 21-Mar-2008
On 6-Sep-2014 around 14:42 a boy representing the elctricity board asked for the aadhaar number and mobile number of the person in whose name the electricty meter is registered. I told him that I do not know. He entered the mobile number I was using and impatiently jotted some number for aadhaar.

The electricty meter number 1111963814 077420
Registered to KVR Chodary {House Owner}

Aadhaar : 3329 6652 3114
Mobile : 9441376108

Even the latest electricity bill issued on 16-Oct-2016 at 10:45 has the mobile number 9441376108.

When I was using those numbers I interchanged the SIM Cards between the above mentioned phones. But I never used those SIM Cards in any other phones.

Though I initially used to insert the SIM cards into the phones to check whether they expired or not, I removed the SIM cards once and for all on 4-Jul-2015. To test I used to call those numbers from my landline phone. I do not remember verbatim but I used to get a reply similar to this. "The person you are trying to reach has either switched off or is in out of coverage area. Please try after some time." If the numbers were expired, you will get a reply like,"This number is not in use." I stopped calling these numbers even from my landline phone. The last time I called was probably in the last week of Oct. 2015. I never dialled those numbers again, not even from a coin box. I once received an SMS Advertisement from BSNL. That you can use your own voice as a ringtone. After I saw that SMS I got a doubt. What if the police recorded a reply like,"This number is not in use." and use it as a ringtone to bait me into calling the number? A retired aged colleague of my mother spoke to us on 25-Aug-2016. She claimed she called one or both cellphone numbers and got a reply that the number is not in use and at some other time a woman screamed at her for the wrong number call!! There is only one way to ascertain whether the said numbers expired or registered to another person. Going to BSNL Office and verifying.

I never had an internet connection to my house. Probably that is the only advantage I have. As I know nothing about networking I do not know how my internet connection would be hacked into and used. That is why I did not opt for a connection. Especially after the post "The Police Are Onto Me" I am followed so closely and I can feel it. If I fart the police are the first ones to inhale it.

Education Qualifications : B.A./LL.B
Register Number : 20348
1999-2004 Batch {5-Years Law Course}
I finally completed the course only in 2008. Whew.
Studied At :
Nandamuri Basavarama Tarakam Memorial Law College {NBM Law College}
Affiliated To Andhra University
Visakhapatnam - 530 002


Details Of My Parents:

Name Of Father : PSRL Narasinga Rao
Professor {Retired; Pensioner}
Department Of Botany
Andhra University
Andhra Pradesh

Source Of Income : Pension From Andhra University

Name Of Mother : Putcha Jayasree Rao
Assistant Professor {Retired; Pensioner}
Department Of English
College Of Arts
Andhra University
Andhra Pradesh

Source Of Income : Pension From Andhra University
Pensioner Number : 4253

As I now know who is involved; the following details of my mother become extremely important.

Name : Putcha Jayasree Rao
Maiden Name : Inala Jayasree Naidu
Name Of Father : Inala Yanadiah Naidu
Name Of Mother : Inala Vasantha Naidu
Caste : Kapu
Siblings : Seven {Living: Six; Deceased: One}

Now, for the most important question of them all. Who targeted the Blogger Ashwatthaman and his mother and why?

Tallavajjhala Sashi Sekhar targeted us and to ruin our lives in every possible way. Tallavajjhala is his surname. He is my relative from my mother's side. What does the epic The Mahabharata teach us? If friction between cousins of a family escalates to a high level, it means there is huge ancestral property. My maternal grandfather passed away in Tallavajjhala Sashi Sekhar's house in Jan. 2009 without a coin to his name. Atleast that's what I and my mother thought. For years IY Naidu lived at the mercy of his children. It never occurred to me till 6-Oct-2016; there is a very high chance that my mother's parents were not her parents at all. They were only her guardians!! We were never told. What's worse? Her siblings know that. So, there are three possibilities. Let's consider them.

First possibility; there is ancestral property, and probably the persons my mother referred to as parents were really her parents. Whatever the reason her siblings do not want to give my mother her share. Fine. Tallavajjhala Sashi Sekhar bring the documents. I and my mother will put our signatures. You can shove that property up your motherfucking arse.

Second possibility; there is ancestral property, because my mother is not the daughter of IY Naidu, his children do not want to share the property with her. Fine. Tallavajjhala Sashi Sekhar bring the documents. I and my mother will put our signatures. You can shove that property up your motherfucking arse.

Dear readers, I did not think of the third possibility till 6-Oct-2016. I was reeling for sometime. Third possibility, My mother is not IY Naidu's daughter. The ones who gave her to IY Naidu, did not just put her in his arms. Probably they gave property to be given to her later. IY Naidu failed to inform my mother. Property big enough for Tallavajjhala Sashi Sekhar and the police to continue relentlessly for years!! Tallavajjhala Sashi Sekhar bring the documents. I and my mother will decide it's fate.

On 18 Oct. 2013 we got a phone call inviting us to attend the "marriage" of Tallavajjhala Sashi Sekhar's cousin in Hyderabad. The date of the "marriage" was 14 Nov. 2013. I strongly felt something amiss. For those who are familiar with the novel The Godfather by Mario Puzo; it was exactly like Tessio calling Michael Corleone to attend Barzini's meeting.

The incident of 4-Nov-2013 actually made me suspect Tallavajjhala Sashi Sekhar. I forcefully convinced myself that he would not stoop so low. The incidents that occurred from 4-Nov-2013 to the present, I am very sure Tallavajjhala Sashi Sekhar is involved. How did the police make their way into the picture? May be some very high ranking police officer is now directly or indirectly a relative of the Tallavajjhala Family. For all subordinate policemen my mother is a whore and I am a pimp escaping the long arm of the law. I am sure they are all thinking that they are doing their duty as honest police officers when they are actually dumbass motherfuckers with an IQ of a trained dog.

What happened on 4-Nov-2013?

On 4-Nov-2013 around 12:30 afternoon, my aged house owner KVR Chowdary-A very considerate man-he was at the gate trying to get our attention. We keep the gate locked to avoid pestering door-to-door salesmen. I was washing dishes in the kitchen. I realized my owner was at the gate so I open it. He hardly took a few steps into the compound another man followed him. All of us came into the house. Then the house owner went out of the house, during that time the other man took a close up photograph of my face with his cellphone! When he did that I thought he accidentally got me in the frame when he was trying to take a photograph of the rainwater seeped walls. Then he took another photograph this time getting my profile. I really did not pay attention to him. I came out to find the house owner and his car driver {he too came in} walking around the house in the compound. I went to them. They were in the backyard by then. In less than a minute the man who took my photographs with his cellphone also came there. The owner told us to water the coconut trees which were in the compound and then they all left. After they left my mother told me that the man who took my photographs also took a photograph of her. Probably even a profile shot.

I am typing these words on 19 Oct. 2016. Between 3 Jun.2013 and 19 Oct. 2016. The only day KVR Chowdary ever came was on 4 Nov. 2013. I never asked him for an explanation because of a very personal problem. My sister was a schizophrenic. She is 14 months older than me. In India, it is a nightmare to find a house if you have old people in the house. No house owner wants a death in his house even from natural causes. If that is the plight of old people you should imagine the hell of finding a house if you have a mental patient in the family, an aged divorcee and her unemployed son. You are supposed to inform the owners about the lunatic and literally be at their mercy. KVR Chowdary let his house for rent to us. He automatically becomes the lord god for us. In my situation what am I supposed to do with the man who took photographs with his cellphone on 4-Nov-2013? I cannot even ask a question sternly leave alone rising my voice or getting into a full physical fight.

My sister passed away in the early hours of 24-May-2015. Reason: Heat Stroke. Anyone in Visakhapatnam will tell you that 23 and 24 of May 2015 were one of the hottest days of Visakhapatnam in recent history. If you ask us it is not heat of the sun which killed her. It is the heat from the air conditioners of the neighbouring house and opposite house which were running continuously all through the previous day and that night.

On 4-Nov-2013 that very day I knew KVR Chowdary is not at all connected to what happened. I am sure a very high ranking police officer met KVR Chowdary and gave KVR Chowdary very wrong information about us. As the house owner KVR Chowdary was expected to accompany. The one who took photographs is definitely a high ranking police officer. He was in plain clothes, obviously. How do I know it is a high ranking police officer? It is pure common sense. KVR Chowdary himself is a very rich and influential man. Do not think a beat constable pushed him around.  

Looking back, I am sure my phones were being tapped since the second half of 2010. Tallavajjhala Sashi Sekhar along with the police definitely contacted my friends by Nov./Dec. 2011. over the period all our friends and well-wishers were slowly distanced.

There is another equally or probably more tempting reason for Tallavajjahala Sashi Sekhar to do what he did. Sadguru Sri Chittibabaji Samsthanam in Sitanagaram. Sitanagaram is some 25 Kilometres away from Rajahmundry {East Godavari District}. There is a service organisation Parameswara Seva Samithi started by a saint. People call him Chitti Babaji. You can compare him to Shirdi Sai Baba, though for the time being Chitti Babaji is not as famous as Shirdi Sai Baba. Chitti Babaji dropped his body in 1997. The Ashram along with a temple and Sadguru Sri Chittibabaji Samsthanam Charitable Trust are now being controlled by Jaggu Babu. Jaggu Babu is the CEO of that organisation. Infact, it is Jaggu Babu's parents who made large donations to Chitti Babaji. Jaggu Babu is a very close family friend of Tallavajjhala Sashi Sekhar. In June 2002, more than Fourteen years ago, I and Jaggu Babu were at another ashram, there he asked me if I would be in a similar ashram. It is obvious he was asking if I would be in his ashram. Though I did not say it out, I asked myself,"What for? To sweep and wash the temple floors? I am supposed to become a lawyer." I said No. During this fourteen years the Ashram and organisation developed a lot. I am sure it is worth a few hundreds of crores. If it really grows the way Chitti Babaji claimed; it will be reaching tens of thousands of crores within the next couple of decades. Even today, this is the third week of Oct. 2016. If Jaggu Babu asks me the same question again I will still say no because I have far better ways of wasting my time. I honestly admit I felt flattered that a guy like Jaggu Babu should ask me to be there. People with MBA qualification would love to get a job like that. To be part of the temple administration. It is true that Tallavajjhala Sashi Sekhar was not around when Jaggu Babu asked me that question, the simple fact is I am unemployed, so there is always that chance that I might end up in the organisation. Why not make sure I will not be around? But the above reason will not explain why my mother is targeted.
On 10-Oct-2016 around 13:25 a person claiming he was representing "Prajasadhikara Survey" came telling us to keep the documents ready and that he would come after taking his food. He turned up around 16:00. he brought with him an iris recognition device and a lenovo smartphone. He told me to hold the Aadhaar cards of everyone in my family including mine. Except that it is not a slate or board with numbers. It would have been a perfect mug shot. Anyone with reasonable skill with an image editing software can actually turn it into a mug shot. We told him that our aadhaar cards have the previous residence address in them and not the present one. He did not ask us to show the present residence proof. After he entered my mother's aadhaar number and took an iris recognition, he said the battery was down. I told him there is a lot of electricity fluctuations in the house and that it is his problem if something happens to his instrument. After charging the phone for two or three minutes in my house, he said he would come again after charging the battery somewhere else. He again came at 18:00. Some of the questions he asked were;

He asked how many bedrooms? We said three. He said he will write two as that is what he was entering for everyone.
He asked the age of my mother when she got married, he asked my mother's occupation details. When I told him that she is retired and is getting a pension. He just kept repeating the same question to my mother. As if he did not understand the words retire and pension. Finally I had to bring the Bank Pass book to show him the pension amount that gets deposited every month. It is obvious that he came with some fixed conclusions about us. He did not bother about asking for present residence proof; like telephone bill or Cooking gas receipt.

He occasionally put that iris recognition device to his own eye. May be he did it to authenticate his entries. If his instrument is really contacting aadhaar; it is his iris and hence his arse.

I told him to enter the cellphone number I am now using {registered in my name} instead of 9441376108. I got SMS messages to my cellphone with update request numbers.

First two were my mother's.
00009800144784 10-10-2016 16:16
00009800146389 10-10-2016 18:00

The following request number is for my aadhaar number
00009800146510 10-10-2016 18:08

Tallavajjhala Sashi Sekhar
Date Of Birth : 23-Jul-1973
Name of Father : Tallavajjhala Patanjali Sastry
Name Of Mother : Inala Vijayalakshmi {She chose not to change her surname.}

House No. : 86-4-15
Behind Tummidi Apartments
Vadrevu Nagar
Manthena Gardens
Tilak Road
Rajahmundry 533 103
Andhra Pradesh

BSNL Landline Phone Number : 0883-2478801

Tallavajjhala Patanjali Sastry is a very famous Telugu writer. Locating his house is very easy.

Sashi Sekhar wrote a book The Wheel And Its Tracks - A History Of Buddhism In Early Andhra. You will find his address in that book also.

Does Tallavajjhala Sashi Sekhar know about the blogs at all? Yes. When I went to his house in Rajahmundry in Nov./Dec. 2011. He was going out on some work he gave me an order to create a bookmark for my blog in his browser. It implies he knows there is a blog. Though he never told me he must have read all the posts. I did create a bookmark almost immediately as he wanted. After he came back he promptly deleted everything using some temporary files cleaning software which also deleted the bookmark I created. Tallavajjhala Sashi Sekhar's sister and atleast three other cousins know about the blog.

Is my blog also a target as I claimed in the post "The Police Are Onto Me"? Obviously. Tallavajjhala Sashi Sekhar did not think twice to make a whore of my mother and me a pimp. You really think the blogs would survive? In fact it is imperative the blogs should be deleted if they have to prove that I am good for nothing except to be a pimp. I know what kind of effort I had to put in to write the articles in that blog. The only wrong estimate I made is that I would be expected to give "an unconditional apology". No. I will be simply made to delete all the posts. You cannot completely rule out the caste angle. Are you sure some police officers who are brahmins are not pissed?

Dear readers, consider the following. Almost all of us know Sir Isaac Newton studied optics (light). How many of you know that he was very interested in knowing the length of the Ancient Cubit as precisely as possible? We all know what happens when a guy like Isaac Newton concentrates on a subject. Yet he could not find out the length of the cubit though study of Ancient Cubit and light (hence sunlight) were both his subjects. Tell me what Isaac Newton would say if he reads my post "I'm Just The Translator".

Tallavajjhala Sashi Sekhar. He will be a real embarrassment. 400 Years ago, Narayana Theertha was one of the greatest poet devotees of Lord Sri Krishna from South India. He wrote Sri Krishna Leela Tarangini, a collection of devotional songs on Lord Sri Krishna in Sanskrit. Before he became Narayana Theertha his name was Tallavajjhala Narayana Sastry. The spelling "Tallavajjhala" is written slightly differently by diferent families but they all belong to the same lineage. Yes, Tallavajjhalas are Brahmins.

Dear readers, please save the contents of the blogs. There is no copyright.

Request to Google.

Please do not remove my blogs till you get an official letter in writing from the courts of law ordering you to remove the blogs. As the police are involved please verify whether the order really came from the courts. If you really should remove the post please put a scanned image of the order along with the register number which I am sure it would have.

Thank You all. And Thank You once again Google.

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